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CIP Building System offers a revolutionary new way to build whirlpools that totally differs from traditional systems. The system is based on carefully developed components, combined with the latest technology. All components offer smart and unique functions and are developed to enable a quick, easy and a flexible assembly. All components in the system are connected without the use of glue. This eliminates long drying time and the whirlpool can be tested instantly after assembly.

100% Drained
Cyrba’s jets and couplings and the way to assemble the system are designed to be drained to100%. The drainage is constructed to make the water flow downwards and the whole system is leaning down towards the pop up.

The hose is produced in Sweden and is made of refined polyamide, free from PVC and phthalates. The hose is bacteria resistant (the same hose are used in the food industry). It has a completely smooth surface inside witch minimize turbulence and thereby increase the flow.

Ready Kits
Cyrba ready kits can be ordered in many combinations to fit any whirlpool. All hoses can turn 360° inside the coupling making it possible to create ready made assembly kits in a larger extent then before. The kits reduces the assembly time significantly. The assembly time for a normal featured whirlpool using the ready kits is about 30 minutes including all electrical connections etc.
CIP Coupling
All of Cyrba’s components are equipped with our glue free quick conection - CIP Coupling. The coupling offers a reliable, quick and easy assemble, and the system can be tested directly after assembly. The CIP Coupling can easily be dissembled with the use of a service tool.
Electronic Pop Up
Cyrba’s uniqe electronically controlled pop up, has integrated safety suction and overfill protection. In addition it eliminates the manual knob, that traditionally being used to open/close the pop up. The integrated overfill protection operateswith a level sensor that ensures a maximum water level. If the water raise above the level sensor the pop up will automatically open and drain to the given level. The integrated suction makes it posible to exlude the traditional suction. This gives a more elegant and minimalistic design. The safety system makes even sure that the pop up opens in case of a power cut.

Electronic Regulating Valves
Two types of regulating valves control the direction of water and air in the system. By a touch of a button it is possible to control which jet that should open or close. Each valve can control one or several jets at the same time. The regulating valves can also open and close in time sequences, this enables our unique massage programs.
Electronic System
Cyrba’s electronic system is software-controlled. This enables function such as; CIP saftey system with automatic search for errors, electronic pop up with automatic overfill protection, massage programs, and the possibility to upgrade our components by entering a code. The electronic system is equipped with pre-connected cables with quick connectors for all components which contribute to a much faster and easier assembly.
Frequency Inverter
Cyrba’s frequency Inverter with patented technology lowers the noise level considerably and makes it possible to adjust the speed of the pump. The frequency inverter controls the speed of the pump down to 20% capacity without harming the pump. It also makes it possible to create massage programs with a pulsating effect.
We have developed a heater where the output is software controlled. This way we can offer the same heater with an effect from 0 to 6kW. The adjustment can be done in the production. This means that it is only necessary to keep one heater in stock. The end-user can also upgrade the heater by entering a code which he can purchase from the whirlpool producer.
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