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Cyrba system offer a true silent massage experience. Our system is developed to minimize turbulence and disturbing noise. All jets and couplings are designed and constructed after careful flow calculations. Our hose has a completely smooth surface witch will minimize turbulence compared to a traditional PVC hose.

Cyrba’s frequency inverter with patented technology lowers the noise level considerably and makes it possible to adjust the speed of the pump. The frequency inverter controls the speed of the pump down to 20% capacity without harming the pump. It helps the pump to reduce vibrations, run smoother and therefore more silent.

The frequency inverter in combination with our massage programs enables a true silent, yet effective water massage. In an alternating massage program only a few jets are open at the same time. It is therefore possible to reduce the speed of the pump and thereof the noise level. At the same time the water pressure is maintained.
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